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This page provides questions and answers to legal and safety concerns about visiting Cuba. We address the political nature of the warning from Trump’s U.S. Department of State Cuba travel warning. We expose the fact it has nothing to do with valid health or safety concerns for Americans.

The current U.S. travel warning for Cuba is Level 3: Reconsider travel. But all other nations say “exercise normal travel precautions.”

Every nation in the world considers Cuba among the safest travel destinations. Except for President Trump. Why would Trump label Cuba unsafe in contrast all other world governments?

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Is it still legal to travel to Cuba with a travel warning in place?

Yes. It is completely legal for Americans to visit Cuba under Obama travel openings, which remain in effect but were slightly modified by Trump in June 2017. You will not get in trouble for visiting Cuba while Trump’s Cuba Travel Warning is in place.

What is the US travel industry response to the Cuba travel warning?

The US travel industry takes government travel warnings extremely seriously. It wants no harm to come to its guests. Nevertheless, all US airlines are still flying to Cuba. All US cruise ships continue to dock at Cuban ports. All US tour agencies are operating normally. Airbnb proceeds to offer private accommodations. All hotels remain open. Why? No American company involved in travel to Cuba supports the Trump warning because it lacks credibility and veracity. RESPECT (Responsible Ethical Cuba Travel), the largest professional association of US Cuba tour operators and travel agencies, rejects the travel warning outright and encourages Americans to continue to visit Cuba regardless.

Is my visa to visit Cuba still valid?


What if I need assistance from the US Embassy in Havana?

While the number of US Embassy staff in Havana has been reduced, the embassy continues to provide emergency services for Americans just as they do in other countries.

Is Cuba still receiving American visitors?

Yes. Cubans welcome and embrace US guests now more than ever. Cubans are eager to demonstrate their unshakeable friendship with the American people. Cubans have unwaveringly maintained their admiration and respect for the American people despite 60 years of persecution by successive administrations in Washington. Cuba has never made an act of aggression towards the United States.

Is it safe to visit Cuba?

As of September 2017, a half-million Americans visited Cuba, together with nearly two million more from other countries. Not a single guest has experienced any issues related to “hearing loss” or other health concern claims by the Trump administration. Of the many thousands of foreign guests in Cuba during Hurricane Irma not one was injured. Cubans cleaned up after the hurricane in a matter of days. Cuba remains among the safest nations in the world for international guests: No drug wars, no terrorism, no guns, no gangs, no kidnappings, no mass murders, and no tropical pandemics.

Is there any scientific evidence of “sonic weapons” or other devices that could cause hearing loss or other health symptoms US diplomats have experienced?

Not one professional among the world’s teaming millions of brilliant scientists and doctors, let alone weapons developers, says such a device exists that could cause the myriad of health symptoms Trump people claim have harmed US diplomats. Read investigative findings at http://www.snopes.com/do-sonic-weapons-explain-the-health-diplomats-cuba/

How is the Cuban government responding?

The government of Cuba is greatly alarmed and incredibly concerned about US claims of harm to its diplomatic staff in Havana. Cuba has been totally transparent, and opened doors to fully cooperate and collaborate with US authorities, law and investigative bodies. Cuba has put all of its resources and research personnel, scientific, medical and criminal, at the disposal of US investigators to help solve these mysterious claims. Cuba’s track record of care and concern for the well-being of foreign diplomats is a global model of excellence. The entire people of Cuba and their government cherish further normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba. They’d never allow anything to impede the process of normalization, which has been a national objective for five decades.

What do other nations think about safety in Cuba?

No other nation has issued a travel warning on Cuba. US sources claim some Canadian diplomats have also suffered health issues in Cuba, yet Canada has no Cuba warning in place for its people. One in 39 Canadians enjoys visits to Cuba every year. Other governments only issue travel destination warnings when concrete evidence of threats to their citizens abroad is demonstrated.

What does the US diplomat’s union say about the reduction in US Havana Embassy staff?

Barbara Stephenson, president of the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) representing 15,000 US diplomats around the world, said her members are against the reduction of Havana Embassy staff and are prepared to continue their mission regardless of health concerns real or perceived.

If Cuba is so safe, why did Trump people issue a travel warning?

Trump and his advisors like Florida senator Marco Rubio are livid over the fact that Americans visiting Cuba return home with positive impressions of the island nation, its people, their culture and society. Since the Obama travel openings millions of Americans have visited Cuba. They share their Cuba findings with family, friends and co-workers. The outcome has been that a significant majority of Americans favor an end to the US economic embargo of Cuba, normalized relations with Cuba, and most especially freedom to travel to Cuba.

The Trump administration, rather than unconstitutionally cancelling travel to Cuba altogether, resorts to science fiction and fake news in an attempt to frighten people and thwart meaningful travel that results in learning, friendship and understanding – the best kind of diplomacy.

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